Teuta Apartments with a view of the beach and sea, Peroj, Istria, Croatia Vodnjan

Local producers in the area

Aromatic Days in World of Plants in Vodnjan


18:00 Join us for a welcome drink while we share a tale about the local hill and the Church of Saint Francis. We'll discuss the endemic medicinal herbs that have been used since antiquity to heal and prevent various ailments among the residents of Vodnjan.

18:15 Presentation: We will introduce and tour our plantation, where we grow lavender, lavandin, immortelle, rosemary, sage, geranium, cypress, juniper, fennel, and laurel. These powerful plants play a crucial role in maintaining health and beauty. We'll discuss their use in the creation of cosmetic products and dietary supplements. You will also have the opportunity to taste delicacies inspired by "Svijet biljaka", along with a surprise cocktail.

18:45 Our next presentation will focus on our natural cosmetic products and dietary supplements (antioxidants). We'll be featuring products from Fitoaroma, Lisa Verde, and Rosa Vita, explaining how these items can be used and the benefits they provide.

19:00 We'll have an open discussion and Q&A session, along with the opportunity to purchase our products.

19:30 Enjoy a photo opportunity in the beautiful lavender field.


20:00 We bid you farewell and look forward to welcoming you back in the future!